Ofir Berman is an Israeli documentary photographer...
Ofir Berman is an Israeli documentary photographer whose work focuses on social and cultural issues. Her work gives an intimate view of people living within the fringes of society and aims to capture the resilience and the authentic spirit in the lives of the subjects.

In 2020 she finished her studies at the TAI School of Arts in Madrid and continued working on personal projects. She has been documenting Gaza refugees with the intention of provoking discourse and a new vision of Palestinian-Israeli relations through photography, media, and a new perception of interpersonal communication.

In 2021 she was nominated for the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award and was chosen for the 30 under 30 women photographers by Artpil. She has been selected for the 5th annual
Women Photograph Mentorship Program and recently was shortlisted for the IWPA Award and won the Imago Lisboa best portfolio.

Currently based in Israel
+972 545339241

אופיר ברמן צלמת דוקומנטרית 

Ofir Berman

Ofir Berman is a documentary photographer currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She focuses on humanitarian, cultural and social stories.
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